Mississauga’s Cathy’s Walk: An environmental wonderland

January 1, 1970

An isolated wetland located within the Sawmill Creek Watershed became the inspiration behind the development of a new park and trail in West Mississauga. Located within the Churchill Meadows community in west Mississauga, O’Connor Park is the host to a centrally featured trail called Cathy’s Walk, a nature walk that acts as the transitory border between an enhanced natural environmental wonderland and an active recreational park.

Users can walk this trail from its southern limits and experience natural features to the west including a carefully redeveloped and expanded wetland complemented by newly constructed meadows. This quiet oasis, home to birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects, is separated by Cathy’s walk from the park’s more active recreation facilities including soccer fields and play areas to the east. Repeat visitors to the park will get to enjoy changing seasonal views of the natural areas, and be able to appreciate the ecological succession that will develop year after year.

The trail itself is constructed using stonedust and boardwalks, connecting to an overlook and seating at the wetland’s edge. The boardwalk allows for best views into and across the wetland as the trail moves through the park. Visitors will be rewarded for their efforts by birdsong and by the occasional glimpses of butterflies frequenting the dynamic habitat areas to feed on wildflowers. Interpretive signage provides additional commentary on the sustainable and ecological features of this trail and park.