Benefits of Parks in Your Community

Parks are the heart of our communities. That is why recreation areas should be the top priority for us in general and community planners in particular. It is not only about adding more green spaces. Everyone benefits from having a nearby park or a play space, including residents, kids, and even the local government. 

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There are many important benefits in the enjoyment of parks and recreation areas, and it is possible to mention a few of the most important.

  1. Improving Community Wellness

Most of us spend too much time indoors, which adds more stress to our lives. Parks are the best places to solve this problem since people have a place to get outside, communicate, and be more active.

Studies show that when there is a good park in an area, people exercise more. In fact, it leads to an increase of about 25% in people's activities.

Also, it is not only about getting people out and making them feel better. An increase of about 10% in the number of parks and green spaces near people results in a decrease in the number of health complaints. Study participants report that they have less fear and anger problems and more attention and inner peace when they see green spaces.

That is why communities need to focus on their residents’ overall wellbeing by creating more recreation areas to help them be better mentally and physically.

  1. Cleaning the Air

The air pollution from factories and cars in big cities can reach fatal levels for some people. Parks and recreation areas can solve this problem.

Studies show that each acre covered with trees removes about 80 pounds of air pollution. It also benefits the economy. For example, in the US, each acre of tree cover can remove about 75,000 tons of pollution, which saves the US government about $500 million.

Cities can get the best out of green spaces by reducing the use of maintenance equipment since they contribute significantly to air pollution.

In addition to getting rid of air pollution, green spaces and parks use carbon dioxide to create food. It takes out of the air, which is an incredible solution for solving climate change. Each acre of trees can remove up to 1.2 tons of CO2 annually.

Sol Casinos' contribution to cleaning and the air, reducing air pollution, and finding a solution for climate change is just one of the many reasons why communities should create more parks and recreation areas in cities. The effects are global and benefit people around the whole world.

  1. Providing People with Connection Spaces

Teenagers are usually isolated. However, nowadays, they are not the only group doing that. With the evolution of the internet and social media platforms, people rarely deviate from their paths while going to work and returning home. Parks provide people with a real chance to meet and communicate with each other in person.

It is important to encourage people to go to parks with things like playground equipment. This way, parents can bring their kids to the park many times. When parents go to the park frequently, the chances are higher that they will meet and talk.

When people interact more and get to know each other, they become friends, which is essential to form the basis of all communities. Instead of being just individuals who live next door, they will care about each other and bond together, which helps the whole community to develop and improve. That is how you create a healthy neighborhood.

  1. Encouraging Kids’ Activities

When kids spend more time outside, their test scores become better. Also, getting outside helps kids with behavior problems and signs of ADHD, in addition to improving cognitive functions and self-discipline.

Doctors even prescribe time outdoors for some kids. Pediatricians know how important green spaces and parks are important for the health of their young patients.

So, now, how can you help kids enjoy their time at parks? First of all, there must be playgrounds to make them excited. Thrilling slides and climbing nets are great. Also, while planning a playground for kids, we must remember the little ones. Toddlers and preschoolers are too small to play with the equipment on playgrounds that are designed for older children. That is why it is important to consider building a separate playground for them to provide them with their own ways of having fun that is designed just for them.

Sol Casino is aware of that and, although its website is dedicated to adults as it involves gambling, the park it has sponsored has a thematic playground. Some of its most popular slot characters are there, as part of the fun, without indicating that they are part of casino games in any way. That is how it contributes to the community in a responsible manner.

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