June is Recreation and Parks Month

It’s all about Parks and Recreation!

June is Recreation and Parks Month is all about celebrating the many benefits of parks and recreation for local communities. Ontarian’s believe that recreation and parks are essential services for a healthy community (PRO, 2009).

JRPM is your chance to shine a light on the great programs, facilities and events that run in your community that help keep people active and healthy.

It’s super easy and super fun to be involved. First, become a JRPM Community Ambassador, then register your events on the JRPM website. Don’t forget to be social and like June is Recreation and Parks Month on Facebook and follow Parks and Recreation Ontario (@PROntario) on Twitter. Our hashtag is #RecAndParksMonth.

This year, our featured resource is the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Check out how you can participate or support a local plan to clean up any shoreline in your community.

Looking for program ideas? Check out the Great JRPM Program Idea page. If you have ideas you want to share, you can submit them here.

It’s not too late to participate! It’s just a few clicks away!

 Step 1:

If your organization supports JRPM, sign up as an ambassador to stay connected to JRPM events across the province.
Register as an Ambassador

Step 2:
Promote your JRPM events in our online event page.
Register your Events

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