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Calling All Seniors! Have You Heard the Great News?

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The Canadian Association of Retired Persons, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association and High-Five are excited to announce their new partnership working towards the promotion of Health and Active Living in the Older Adult Community! Each of these organizations shares a common vision of promoting the importance of active living for Older Adults, in a  Continue Reading »

Mississauga’s Culham Trail: Discover the Credit River

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Winding its way along the Credit River through woodlands, wetlands and past geologic features is the multi-use Culham Trail. This is a continuous, off-road trail for 11.4 kilometres between Erindale Park, located near Dundas Street West and Mississaug…

Mississauga’s Etobicoke Creek Trail

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Named after the First Nations Algonkian word “wah do be kaug” for “Where the Alders Grow”, the Etobicoke Creek is a water course running from south of the Oak Ridges Moraine to Lake Ontario. Currently, the Mississauga portion of the Etobicoke Creek Trail is in two sections, the first being 4.2 kilometres long, from Willowcreek Park, north of Dundas Street East to Rathburn Road East and linking to Centennial Park in Toronto. This section also connects to the east-west running Burnhamthorpe Trail. The second section is 7.0 kilometres long, from Eglinton Avenue East, through the western boundary of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) lands, to Mount Charles Park and the City of Brampton border.
Trail users will be treated to stunning valley views and vistas; creative urban art beneath Highway 401; geocaching opportunities; glimpses of valley inhabitants including birds of prey, deer and coyotes; as well as spectacular late summer/early fall wildflowers and butterflies.
This is the first public trail that crosses through an international airport in North America, thanks to a special relationship between the City of Mississauga and the GTAA. A trailhead constructed at the east end of Britannia Road within the airport lands permits level access to this valley trail featuring a pervious concrete parking lot as a interpretive demonstration site.

Mississauga’s Cathy’s Walk: An environmental wonderland

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An isolated wetland located within the Sawmill Creek Watershed became the inspiration behind the development of a new park and trail in West Mississauga. Located within the Churchill Meadows community in west Mississauga, O’Connor Park is the host to a centrally featured trail called Cathy’s Walk, a nature walk that acts as the transitory border between an enhanced natural environmental wonderland and an active recreational park.

Users can walk this trail from its southern limits and experience natural features to the west including a carefully redeveloped and expanded wetland complemented by newly constructed meadows. This quiet oasis, home to birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects, is separated by Cathy’s walk from the park’s more active recreation facilities including soccer fields and play areas to the east. Repeat visitors to the park will get to enjoy changing seasonal views of the natural areas, and be able to appreciate the ecological succession that will develop year after year.

The trail itself is constructed using stonedust and boardwalks, connecting to an overlook and seating at the wetland’s edge. The boardwalk allows for best views into and across the wetland as the trail moves through the park. Visitors will be rewarded for their efforts by birdsong and by the occasional glimpses of butterflies frequenting the dynamic habitat areas to feed on wildflowers. Interpretive signage provides additional commentary on the sustainable and ecological features of this trail and park.

McNab/Braeside -embrace our lifestyle!

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The McNab/Braeside Recreational Trai1 is a former rail bed that borders Horton Township on the west and runs through to the Town of Arnprior on the east. A user-friendly trail runs through rural/residentail area and is an ideal resource for cyclists a…

Town of Oakville Cycle, Walk Map

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Go out for a hike or get out on your bike!The Town of Oakville has 255 kilometres of trails and paved bike paths. The Cycle,Walk Oakville interactive website showcases Oakville’s on-road cycle lanes, off-road multi-use trails for pedestrians and cyclis…

North Bay – Gateway to the North!

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The Discovery Routes Trail Organization promotes the use of the trails in Ontario’s Near North in support of better health, tourism, strong communities, and environmental appreciation and protection.

The Kate Pace Way, Kinsmen Trail, Black Forest Trai…

Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls

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Welcome to the Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls. We are located along the eastern shores of Lake of the Woods, nestled amongst towering trees and picturesque wildlife. Lake of the Woods is one of the world’s largest inland, freshwater lakes with over 14,000 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline. As a small municipality, we pride ourselves on our community spirit. Spend your summers on the lake and in the sun or cozy up to a fire in the winter and realize why this area is one of Canada’s best kept secrets.

We have three municipal hiking trail systems. The Aspen Trail and Red Pine Trail are both suitable for nodic skiing in winter A description of all our trails follows:

The Aspen Trail, at Sioux Narrows, is an excellent example of the boreal forest. The trails encompass a large beaver pond, as well as a spectacular lookout high above Regina Bay, Lake of the Woods. This trail is family friendly, but would caution taking small children as there are some steep uphill grades.

The Red Pine Trail, at Nestor Falls, is family friendly and in general, very level with some short uphill grades. The trail is suitable for all skill levels.

The Boreal Trail, at Nestor Falls, is a family friendly trail but would caution taking small children as it includes some very rocky terrain, as well as some steep uphill grades. The trail circles a large beaver pond and has several areas for viewing this pond. The trail is mostly on high granite ridges of jack pine forest, but travels through areas of black and white spruce, poplar, birch and ash. Wildlife is abundant. Look for whitetail deer, red fox, beaver and a broad variety of bird life.

Waterloo – “A City that is truly accessible to all”

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Waterloo has over 130km of off-road trails along with 50km of on-road cycling lanes. Waterloo is actively working on integrating our on-road and off-road Active Transportation Routes through the Council approved 2012-2014 Active Transportation Program …

Hike It, Bike It, Like It! – Cambridge

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Cambridge has over 50km of natural and urban trails throughout this picturesque city, 18km of these trails travel along the historic Speed and Grand Rivers. The scenery is spectacular.

The trail system is used by a variety of people who live and visit…

Brampton Trails & Pathways

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The City of Brampton has three main trail systems that run north and south throughout the City. They are:
Etobicoke Creek Trail that leads to Brampton’s downtown/entertainment hub (Rose Theatre)!
Chinguacousy Trail that highlights the Donald M. Gordo…

Kirkland Lake’s Walking Trail

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A Family Friendly Hiking or Walking Trail–
Includes 6 pieces of outdoor fitness equipment in a circuit, children’s play structure, picnic area, gardens, bird houses and benches surrounding the Kinross Pond. A great spot to walk your dog, meet others a…

Ajax – By The Lake

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The Town of Ajax is a wonderful location for taking part in a great trail system. Meander around town in our intricate 80 kilometre trail system stretching from Lake Ontario to the northern boundaries of Ajax. Our trails, created to accommodate many fo…

Whitby – Community of Choice!

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There are many ways for residents and visitors to experience Whitby’s natural environment.

The Town maintains 125 parks with 950 acres of active parkland, over 1000 acres of passive open space, and approximately 60 kilometres of trails. Beaches, gaz…

Aurora – You’re in Good Company

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Holland River Valley Trail – Designated in 2000 as part of the regional Nokiidaa Trail. Come out and enjoy a leisurely hike through the natural valley land setting of mixed forests, meadows and wetland habitats. This trail is Aurora’s longest trail cor…

Aurora – You’re in Good Company

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Nokiidaa Trail Boardwalk – Completed in the fall of 2011. This section of the trail system off of St. John’s Sideroad near Yonge Street runs through what is referred to as the “Hadley Grange Nature Reserve”. Enjoy approximately 200 linear metres of el…

Mt. Pleasant Nature Park – Hidden Beauty

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The beautiful Mt. Pleasant Nature Park is Operated by the Mt. Pleasant Optimist Club. Within the 23 acres Park you can explore the trails that surround 3 stocked fish ponds. Washrooms and a picnic shelter are available from dawn to dusk.