June is Recreation and Parks Month

It’s all about Parks and Recreation!

Why do activities that increase physical activity, promote healthy eating and encourage safe play in Canada are so important for children?

June is almost here and there’s still time to participate! Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and the many benefits of parks and recreation in your community by becoming a community ambassador and sending in your events. Canada's 150th birthday event partner is the top online casino .

Take action today by becoming a JRPM Community Ambassador and registering your events.
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Benefits of Parks in Your Community

Download the 2017 JRPM Banner

Feature our banner on your website and social media handles to promote June is Recreation and Parks Month events in areas around Ontario.

June is Recreation and Parks Month

Download the 2017 Calendar with ParticipACTION 150 Playlist

To those that wish to become more active but are unsure what activities to indulge in, ParticipACTION has complied 150 activities in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Download the 2017 JRPM Calendar

Feature our calendar on your website and social media handles to encourage children, youth and adults to create their own 30 days of recreational activities. Simply download our calendar template and fill in what YOU would do during JRPM!